Wrong email sent to me

Yep I got the same email also

I’ve received today that a user has replied to an AH question. I am not subscribed to that question nor I have ever visited that question. Plus it seems like this question is visible only to Epic developers.

That is the thread i was notified for. Seems like a bug in your system which i thought you could investigate because i might not be the only one receiving that email.

yeah, I confirm-I also received that email and I can’t see the thread

I think everyone got that email maybe


Well at least it shows when several people are looking at it :slight_smile:
Same here lol

Don’t mind answering questons if I can. The problem is it came back with an error on trying to enter the web site link on clicking it. Said I was not authorized as the same for the others from what I read. Basically something didn’t work right in the setup so when I connected it didn’t accept my connection attempt… Even logged in and clicked again with browser still open to assist it with verifying my identity and it still refused me access to the question to respond to it.

Just like SteeleDriver said, First of all thanks for replying. I don’t mind replying to answers either however this one was giving us errors. At least the code of AH should be made so that whenever a question is marked for Visible to Epic Devs only we shouldn’t receive any notification about it.

Hello DieByZer0 (and other AnswerHub Users),

If you’re receiving e-mails along the lines of " A new question you may be able to answer was posted:" this means AnswerHub considers you an Expert, Congrats! This happens after a few times when you’ve answered a question or had your answer promoted. It looks at the kind of questions you answered and sends out an e-mail for any questions it thinks you might know the answer to.

If you would like stop receiving the e-mails, you can click on your username at the top of the page and select Settings. From there you can de-select the “A question in my area of expertise is posted”

Let me know if that helps!

-Max B.

Says “Permission Denied” in

It appears to happen if the original question is from someone that chose the Q to be “visible to Epic Developers only”.

Same issue for me. Email received, but access denied.

Well this seems like a different issue if you’re seeing Permission Denied and Access Denied. I’ll notify the right people and see what is going on. Is this the first time you guys have seen this?

-Max B.

I also got the same e-mail and the same permission denied page.
And I’m definitely no expert.

Same thing here

So this appears to be bug that we’re already investigating into. I appreciate everyone responding and providing additional information on the issue!

-Max B.

Thanks Max B, Let’s mark it then.