wrong doc pages - Behavior Tree Quick Start Guide

Left-hand menu list items links to wrong pages:
12. Build the Behavior Tree —> 10. Make a Task
13. Further Reading —> 11. Make a Decorator

Don’t know where to report this :frowning:

Those links are definitely off. We’ll get them fixed up.


When will this page up? I need finish my AI soon as possible.

Oh and please fix page 11 - Make a Decorator. it nearly made me headaches until I search in answer Hub and found the answer.

Yeah this one bit me too just now haha. Too bad, I was enjoying this tutorial so much!

Looking forward to the update, Thanks guys!

Up :frowning:
I want to know how it ends ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry! I will upload everything today assuming it has all been fixed, which I am pretty sure it has.

I am trying to follow the same quick start. the links are off and I can’t get to “event receive execute” or “event receive condition check.” Did the nodes change, or is it just me?

I was just looking at these docs, the links are still wrong, and also outdated. If you need the condition event, you will now need to override the function on the left panel, simply select override and a new panel will pop up with the working function.

These pages should be updated now. Sorry for the delay in getting them uploaded!