Wrong currency selected for Ukraine

It seems currency setting is locked and binded to a country, selected in profile. But in my case I see russion rubles while I have selected Ukraine. And I can’t change this.
Can you fix currency selection or, at least, allow choose it on my own. I prefer using USD.

The same thing for Belarus.
I prefer using USD too.


Based on a business decision, the currency listed on your Unreal Marketplace page is based off of the region the account was created. I am sorry for any inconvenience this cause. Let me know in the thread if you have any other questions.



Does it mean, there is no currency for Ukraine, or it’s a bug for region selection?

Yeah, it`s seems in Epic Games have a geographic problems.

Russian rubles for Ukraine are wrong on many levels, not considering they aren’t local currency, and maybe no more a currency at all nowadays. Maybe it’ll be good to add desired currency to the profile? With “default” choice?

Hey, Epics! Please change rubles to USD. We here in Ukraine have no idea how much 2000 troubles is. How am i supposed to make my decisions during a shopping? Absurdity!

Sergey Galyonkin‏ confirmed that it is in progress.

There will be Hryvnia(UAH) as currency.

Nice ! Thank you for link S-ed