Wrong audio source position with HRTF + VR / HMD translations do not update HRTF

We are developing a VR project which relies on HRTF, but since UE4.19 we are experiencing an issue with sound spatialisation. In short, when launching a project you can hear sounds coming from the right direction, but if you walk past the source, the sound keeps coming from the same direction (as if the audio source was still further away).

I’ve tried to setup a simple project to check this out:

Starting in VR preview mode your head should be near the white sphere and you should be able to hear a sound coming from the cube (e.g. stronger from your left ear). Walking past the cube and toward the red sphere, you should keep hearing the sound stronger from your left ear, as if the source was further away.


The project is setup with Oculus Audio, but the same happens with the other HRTF plugins.

Any clue? Does anybody reproduce the same issue?