Written Tutorials for UE4?

I would like written tutorials (either books or PDF files) for UE4 because I can’t watch videos because I’m hearing-impaired. I have “Mastering Unreal Technology: Volume I” book but it was written for UE3.

The wiki has plenty of written tutorials:

I’m not even hearing impaired and it kind of drives me crazy that 95% of tutorials anymore are videos. I find it a lot easier to keep up with text; with a video, you’re constantly rewinding, fast forwarding, skipping back and forth trying to find exactly where you want to be, frame by frame, and then they require 100% more of your attention to fully grasp what they’re doing than if you just skimmed a couple paragraphs. Maybe I’m just weird.

and also take a look at this section of the forum, here you can also find some written tutorials :slight_smile:

Just different Learning styles. I’m a visual/auditory leaner my self.

Hi jeffmorris,

One of the areas we have on the website is the samples and tutorials pages found here:, these have a ton of information about how to use different aspects of the engine. You can also use the documentation searchbar here: This searchbar accesses every part of the website (forum, answerhub, documentation, etc) to find relevant text to your search. You can limit it to certain areas (for instnace, documentation) to find tutorials and other listings that may be of use to you. Have a great day!

Why can’t people add captioning to videos instead of letting YouTube’s “automatic captioning” get confused and display wrong words.

:stuck_out_tongue: Because it’s too much work to do

I have planned to do that in the future, but as I’m currently creating pretty much tutorials it would take too much time to do that beside the “normal” recording.

That search bar actually stopped working for me, the last couple days it returns no results on anything.

I have been using Unity 3D for a few years and it doesn’t have 64-bit world editor yet. I want to learn how to use UE4 to create games. I ran into problems with lightmapping and UV overlapping when I import 3D models that I created in 3D Studio MAX into UE4.

It’s working on my end. Can you please reply back if it’s still not working and let us know what browser you’re using and if it is broken from a certain page or all pages?


I tried watching some of tutorials with the cc and it is horrible. I have misophonia and have my FoF response triggered by certain sounds and cannot watch the videos with sound on.

Epic Games should pass a “law” that requires tutorial videos to be captioned. There is software that lets you add captions to tutorial videos.

Wish granted, we are now having some people go through the video tutorials we posted and caption them. Give us a little bit to get through them all though. Also, we will be more active about getting them put with captions. I hope that this helps, but if anything else would be a good idea, just let us know. :slight_smile: