Writing standalone programs for game project


First, I’m sorry if this is the wrong forum to post my problem in, but I don’t know where to best put it in otherwise. I wrote a standalone application using Unreal Engine. At first, I wrote it in the Engine/Source/Programs directory.

However, it is only specific for my game, thus I don’t want to have it floating around in the common engine directory. So I decided to move it to my game module’s source directory, and moved the .Target.cs files to the root of Source (where MyGame.Target.cs and MyGameEditor.Target.cs files are, there is now also MyApplication.Target.cs).

Now, I generated the project files and when building, I get an error from UnrealBuildTool, which states that it can’t open MyApplication.uproject (which is true, because there is only MyGame.uproject of course).

I tried to duplicate MyGame.uproject and named it MyApplication.uproject and everything works fine now! The application compiles and it’s binary is generated in MyGame\Binaries\Win64\MyApplication.exe - which is awesome!

So what I want to know now is: Is there a way to bypass the need to duplicate my uproject file here? As I think it is confusing and I don’t think that I need it all.

You should probably take that code to a plugin and enable it in that specific game.