Writing of the story for ESCAPE FROM MILL STATION game project is wrapping up this weekend

Hello everyone.
Just dropping a quick note.
I am on the very last level of the game, writing the story, cinematics and dialogue of the characters.
I will be wrapping up this weekend. :slight_smile:
There will be revisions of course but I am basically happy with the framework.
I had a lot of time thinking about it so it wasn’t very hard to “get it all out”.

Next step will be casting real people for shooting 3D modeling and animation references.
I already have a small studio in mind here in Bellingham that belongs to a theater group.
I also have the people in mind I want to ask to perform for me so we will see how that goes.

Game project’s website is here: http://escapefrommillstation.com/

About 5 months to write the story.

Story is DONE !!!
219 pages. :slight_smile:


  1. Start date: 27 January 2018.

  2. Date and time of completion: 6:23 pm, Tuesday 15[SUP]th[/SUP] May 2018.

  3. Time to complete story: 3.6 months.

  4. Total pages: 219.

  5. Number of levels: 15.

  6. Number of cinematics: 116.

  7. Number of character types: 75.

New stats for story script:

  1. Total pages: 184. (this number came down as result of format corrections.)

  2. Number of levels: 15.

  3. Number of cinematics: 103

  4. Number of IM’s: 7

(IM’s are “involuntary movement”, almost interactive cinematics but the player can only move
the follow camera around. He or she cant control the actions of the character.)

I am still working cutting down on cinematics :slight_smile: