Writing custom tools for UE4


I was wondering if there was a way to write custom tools for UE4. Like creating a similar Maxscript tool/script?



Yep, you have the source code, so you can add virtually anything you want :slight_smile:

The engine by default comes with a few plugins, have a look through the menus to find the plug-ins window. I haven’t got public UE4 yet so can’t tell you where exactly it might be mind.

Cool, I will have to keep playing around with it until I find something that needs shortcutting :stuck_out_tongue:

I will have a browse through the plugins as well. Am planning on blueprinting a couple of cool shaders and then look into tools stuff I think

You could try looking into making an UE4 Plugin, or a new module.
Depends on your needs really =)

I will take a look into it I think. I was looking more into the engine last night and realised that they have covered a lot of bases. While in UDK I would have liked to create shortcuts and tools like I would in Maxscript, with this iteration of the engine it seems they have taken a step back and seriously thought about usability :slight_smile: