Writer LFW

Hi, I’m a writer (mainly fantasy, some sci-fi) with lots of ideas, and I’m looking for a way to let out my creativity in video games. My work is available for free at laenost.weebly.com.

I’ve been sitting on many ideas for a long time for various genres, ideas for both story and gameplay. If there is anyone willing to humor me, I’d love to get my ideas out there. Even if someone steals it and makes something, I’d be happy!

I have full stories for both fantasy and sci-fi, along with unique game mechanics in mind. I also have casual games (android/iphone) in my head as well.

I’ve tried many times with various video game engines to make games, but I lack the skill to do it and I’ve never had a community to help me out. From SC1 to UE I have experience with video game editors. Unfortunately none of the work that I did on classic games like morrowind or UT are still around thanks to computer failures.

Well, I doubt there’s any lack of writers out there. But if anyone is willing to give me a chance, I’d love to prove myself as among the best!

Edit: games range from fps to rpg to card/board style games.

I suppose it couldn’t hurt to post a few of my ideas.

First off: ETE, Elective Terminal Entertainment.

In the year 2XXX, humanity has come together. Crime, poverty, illness, all gone. Death is even curable, with cloning technology and memory transfers one can be all but immortal. But the populace gets more and more bored with life as time goes on, adopting ever more dangerous sports for the adrenaline rush that their lives lack.

During one such brutal game, an athlete dies. Quickly they bring him to a cloning center and he is brought back to life in a new body. This sets off a collective light bulb in the heads of the people as they realize they can even involve ‘death’ in their games without consequence. Thus ETE is formed, Elective Terminal Entertainment. This has many possibilities for gameplay, but I’ll focus on one for now. A shooter in the classic style of Quake or UT. The twist is, this is a game played by adrenaline junkies- the lower your health, the more points you get for a kill. Do you play it safe and keep healing as you fight? Or do you risk death to gain the edge in score? At the start of a match, will you seek out armor and health boosts? Or will you hurt yourself with a rocket to get an early score lead?

I think this game has a great twist on classic shooters, and I have more game modes in mind as well. (flying vehicle races/deathmatches)

If you think this is an interesting idea, let me know! Even if nobody is able to make it, I’d like to know if the idea itself is solid. Also, let me know if you’d like to read any of my other story/game ideas! I have several fairly unique ones.

Are you also willing to write basic generic quests or lore, based on ideas and input from others. and a world currently under development? Not entirely sure what you aiming for. Thanks. We seek people, who would be compensated once we sale something.

I can come up with a story from anything. One thing I like to do is pick a word, alter it slightly, make it into a name or title and make a story about it. I’m perfectly happy to work on the dictates of others, the only time that I don’t like making exceptions is when it comes to Laenost (Which is my baby!).

Writing is more of a side thing for me. Compensation after sales is perfectly fine, I’d just like a chance to show other people the worlds that I can create.

I’m also heavily aware of video game conversation tropes, and I want to avoid the hell out of them. I’d love to write dialogue that people read and think: “Wow, that’s what I would have said!”