Writer and Political Scientist

Hello guys! My name is Giuseppe, writer and PMO based in Reading, UK.

I switched from the traditional writing industry (with a book published along with short stories and poems in various anthologies) to the videogame and media industry aiming to provide some fresh stories.

I have a **Bachelor Degree **in International Relations and Political Sciences, thanks to it I was able to write papers for creating believable political contexts.
My Master Degree is in World Politics and my thesis is up to date with military topics including Private Military Companies, modern tactics and weapons.

Among the teams I work/worked for:
THNDRSTORM TEAM-ASCEND: as backstory creator scheduled to be released on PSN. (made by people who worked for BANDAI NAMCO)
EXCAMEDIA-A CLUMSY ADVENTURE: as leadstorywriter which is scheduled to be released on VITA/PS4 and WiiU
ORBITAL SPEED TEAM-DUAL GEAR PROJECT: as leadstorywriter which is scheduled to be released on PS4. (Important names: Pongpat Pongsakontorn: AeternoBlade, Deadly Premonition etc…)
IRONMAN STUDIO-TBD: as backstory and story writer to be released on various platforms. (important names: Ian Miller: designer of UBISOFT, CRYSTAL DYNAMICS, delivered titles as Assassins’ Creed II, Tomb Raider -Remake-, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Silent Hill Homecoming etc…)

I speak Italian, English (fluent), French (good).

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and concerns via my personal email or PM.

Giuseppe Mastroianni

giuseppe-mastroianni (NOLA,ITALY)

Facebook Page
Linkedin Page

-Freelance Writer (Wordshelter)
-Backstory Writer, International Relations Expert for a videogame (Ascend)
-Writer, Director (A Clumsy Adventure)
-Writer, Political Expert (Dual Gear)
-Promoter and PR at Gamescom
-Poem Translator for Rosa Jamali, Iranian poet
-Online ecommerce translator
-Sospiri (Published Book 2005, BOOPEN)
-Crowdfunding Certificate

Microsoft Office Suite, Photoshop, Sony Vegas, Wordpress, basic HTML.

Hi Giuseppe, I’m looking for military and political writers for my RPG project: the story is gonna be about a Mars mission in 2080-2090 with the references to political conflicts, so I think it could be an interesting task for you. Do you write papers for money only or do you consider volunteering too (I have a couple of side projects - 2 teams are working on the games for kids who have diabetes).
I’ve always issues with hotmail accounts, so I will contact you via Facebook.