Writen content.

I think there needs be an area or written content. Those freely to give to the public. Such content now is needed. since all seems the same. SO Unreal. My favorite engine. how will you deal with plagiarism? Same as I hope as any country. But this is to be checkered by a sign of a stroke. Meaning the author that shares stores. understands the risks of **** taking. To writ dialogue is simple. to write character based isn’t… Purposeful. for mods they remain free. unless any maker use it the recognition goes to inspire and writer.

Unless many others can decide what to do?
I been a story teller since I was born., No not you?

The hardest thing is to write and make it reality. it is easy to make materials. props scripts. The story if no dialogue is a story. Left for dead 2 showed us that.

Now unto a STORY… I get the copy write. Im a writer. and many things.

I noticed Unreal has not a freelanced basic writing platform. Freelance ( I mean free). This is mod based on all Unreal engines. Give me credit when you use this idea in other plat forms and systems.

I know alot here cant write. not the issue. Many come here thinking they can share in ideas of written content ( that is taboo) or is it? No it isn’t. Written mods are open to the copywriter material.

Point is. there needs be a story. Written communication… Needs a section no matter the platform cause linguistics is the hart even unspoken.

You’re not going to make a good impression on writing with so many grammar issues in your post

Darth you’ve always been my favourite on here :wink:

I’m guessing the OP first language isn’t english so I could forgive a few spelling and grammar mistakes here and there but I have to be honest…after reading that post 3 times I have no idea what you’re trying to say :frowning:

Making a area that others can collaborate on mods that are UE based. Like myself suppose I have an idea for a mod and where do I tell you the story at? People seem to lack a story. In mods that are out there none see written narratives as time worth. I agree ideas get stolen for one. Suppose some want to share free with mods. hope this narrow`s it. The script in narratives in a story can be overwhelming by itself. many can add to a story that others over seen.