Write to FViewport

I’ve overriden the GameViewportClient :: Draw method, and now I can get and save the buffer.

void UWarpGameViewportClient :: Draw(FViewport * Viewport, FCanvas * SceneCanvas)
	TArray<FColor> Bitmap;
	FIntVector Size(Viewport->GetSizeXY().X, Viewport->GetSizeXY().Y, 0);

	Viewport->ReadPixels(Bitmap, FReadSurfaceDataFlags());
	TArray<uint8> save;
	FString ScreenShotName = TEXT("e:\\out.png");
    FImageUtils::CompressImageArray(Size.X, Size.Y, Bitmap, save);
    FFileHelper::SaveArrayToFile(save, *ScreenShotName);
	Super::Draw(Viewport, SceneCanvas);

But what I want to do now is elaborate the Bitmap variable and send it again to FViewport.
Is this possible?

Thank you very much.