Write Achievement Progress Node Not Working

For some reason i cant get achievements unlock on steam. I was using this same setup years ago and i remember it working, but for some reason it wont unlock any achievements on steam now, despite calling the “on success” output on the write achievement node.

This is the BP i call when i want to unlock an achievement:

I have the steam subsystem in place, and have my achievements in the defaultengine.ini as followed:

I am running the test in standalone and let steam initialize.

If i use the “SteamBridge” plugin and use the “Set Achievement” node, the achievement unlocks as expected. I’m trying to avoid simply using this though, as i plan on releasing on platforms other than steam in the future.

I have been scratching my head for a while now and i’m out of ideas on why this is no longer working. , so i would appreciate any help. Thanks!

I should also add that i was previously using 4.25, and it still did not work. I updated my project to 4.27 in the hopes that it may just randomly fix the issue. It did not… :frowning: