Wrist of character glitches

How do i fix it, I followed the tutorial in the documentation and i am using the animation starter kit on the marketplace

Hi Kar678,

This looks like a retargeting issue. I don’t see “Aim_Centre_Up_Hip” in the AnimStarterPack. Are those assets that you’ve retargeted to the AnimStarterPack .

i made the assets out of the aim_space_hip like its says to do in the tutorial Creating an Aim Offset | Unreal Engine Documentation

Hey Kar678,

I’m not sure what you are doing differently, but I just tried this via two different methods without that odd bend in the arm. I tried the tutorial, but also tried using the Create Asset>Create Animation>From Current Pose option (found in the Persona toolbar).

Have you made any changes to the base for the Starter Pack?

The only changes i have made to the are adding sockets to attach the camera and gun

I made a new project in UE 4.15 and tried the tutorial and the bug did not occur so i am going to do again in my main project

I did it again and its fixed