Wrinkle Maps? (dynamic normal map for morph target) How do you set them up?

I’m still trying to get wrinkle maps to work in UE4 using blueprint, but there isn’t much information on this topic:

The above is the goal I want to achieve in UE4.
Based on the assets of Batman Arkham Knight, they use 3 normal maps (neutral, extending, contracting) This is the method I intend to use for my asset creation. But how do I get those assets working together in UE4?

And according to this Answershub reply:

They suggest using vertex colors to mask the blending between the different normal maps somehow, while a morph target drives it? What would this even look like in blue print?

Uncharted 4 also achieved this, for clothes and Nathan Drakes arms:

This is what they sculpted in Zbrush

And this is it in their engine:

Here are more references that illustrate what I’m trying to achieve:

The angle of the joints would blend the maps in for the area that’s bending.


Leg(s) extended: folds and creases are added on the front of the knee(s)

Leg(s) contracted: front of the knee(s) are stretched smooth, and folds and creases are added behind the knee(s)

This image is pretty much what I’m trying to do, but would be achieved by blending between just 3 maps in and out:

See how the rotation of the shoulder changes the wrinkles and folds in his jacket.

Pretty much every joint would reveal a different area of the maps, which map it reveals would depend on the rotation. for example:

(any axis)
rotation 0 = neutral map
rotation + = contraction map
rotation - = extension map

So…can anyone show me some UE4 examples?

I do not think there’s anything special in authoring them other than what’s “standard”. Implementing them though, that I am not really sure. You could probably blend them in a material based on parameters that you manually set via curves in your animations, but I am not sure how efficient that would be.

The issue is that I’ve never seen an example of a blueprint set-up for this, so I really don’t know what to do. I have no experience with dynamic/wrinkle/tension normal maps.

I know how to create the maps (sculpt a contracted version of model > bake normal maps > sculpt a extended version of the model > bake normal maps) but how to I make UE4 blend between the different maps only on sections of the model where tension is?

I’ve seen so many games do this, someone has to know how this is set-up in blueprint.

You need to work through it logically, I think. If you know how to:

-Blend between normal maps in a material
-Influence parameters in dynamic materials via blueprints
-Create Maya animations with custom attribute curves & import them

–it should be a pretty straightforward process to get it all hooked up to do that. If you don’t know how to do any of those things, then you know where to start! :slight_smile:

This actually helps me alot, I know what to look up now! Thank you :smiley:

idk about Maya though, I’m using Blender :confused:

Hmm, I don’t know anything about animating in Blender, but I’m sure it’s possible. Good luck!