Wrinkle Map Problem

I’ve sucessfully created the whole setup to drive my wrinkle map, but my problem is that the material doesn’t seem to accept more than 5 textures connected to the Normal output.
I have the wrinkle map, and then I have alpha textures which are being driven by parameters affected by a blueprint. So when 5 or more of these alpha textures areaffecting the Normal output, only the first 5 alphas are working, or the shader doesn’t work at all and gets the defaultmaterial.

I hope someone has any ideas to why this could be.

If you are using textures as black to white masks, you can channel pack them to save texture samples/memory (put one mask in R, one in G, another in B, to make one RGB texture).

@ZacD Yes i tried it now and it works fine, the amount of texture files I’m using now is 4 though, it’s weird how using more than that will cause problems. That’s very limiting.
Thanks a lot for the tip!