Wrestling with animation re-targeting, any tips or advice?

I am relatively new to Unreal engine. I have lots of experience with Unity. My experience in Unity was that most animations seem to “just work” when transfered between humanoid rigs.

I bought an animation pack from the Unreal marketplace. In the downloaded and installed asset, the animations are mapped to the Unreal mannequin. Looks great on the mannequin but I can’t seem to get these animations to look good when retargeted to my skeletal mesh.

The initial problem was that the mesh gets warped very strangely. Presumably because translation retargeting was off. I found something in the docs about it here . Followed that advice to change the translation retargeting to “Skeleton”, this seemed to fix that problem but my skeleteal mesh was now about a meter off the ground. So I selectively went through and changed bones in the lower body back to “Animation” translation retargeting. That seemed to sort of fix it although it still seems to be a little bit off the ground (~10cm).

Is this experience typical? Is it usually this hard to retarget animations? I feel like I could be missing something simple here.

Out of complete frustration, I even went so far as to re-rig the skeleton on my mesh in blender to match the UE4 mannequin’s exact rig and re-import it into UE4. Still had these problems.

I can’t recommend this video enough regarding problems about retargeting.

I wish it help you too.