Wreckin Ball Adventure - co-op platform game for PC and Nintendo Switch


We’re Don’t Bite Devs and we wish to share with you our new game. Still in development, but we can show you a glimpse of it :slight_smile:
It’s a platform game we’re developing on PC and Nintendo Switch in which you may play solo or with friends.

Story is simple. Our protagonist, a little robot named K160, managed to escape a fatal fate and now he need to find a way out from mysterious lab. Why evil SuperCom want to destroy him and other of his kind? You have to find out by yourself.

We want to create a game in type of those “easy to learn, hard to master” with about 60 levels, where you will test your skills. You’ll need not only a dexterity, but also logical thinking to find every secret on every level. But you don’t have to do it alone! In Wreckin Ball Adventure you may play solo or with up to three other players on one screen.

So as we mentioned before it’s just a little glimpse of Wreckin Ball Adventure. Game is still in development. Share with us with your thoughts. It’s very important for us to know your opinion and if you want to follow progress of developing Wreckin Ball Adventure just find us on facebook, where you can find the newest informations: Redirecting...

Thank you very much and remember - watch out for acorns!

This is a good game coming to Switch :slight_smile: