Wrapping Up 2021 - Holiday Cards

Ho-ho-hello everyone and season’s greetings to you and yours!

This past year introduced a lot of new features and tech to Unreal Engine and by proxy that means that lots of cool new projects have been workshopped by you, our lovely community members. To indulge a little into the holiday spirit we’d love to see what it is that you are working on and progress you’ve made with a twinkling twist - as holiday cards!

Just like standard cards, some are silly, some are intricate and some are fun and colorful. Take a quick screenshot or set up a beautiful render, tweak with tinsel or stamp on a santa hat; the possibilities are endless, and the end result is entirely up to you. Showcase your work to both us at Epic and to your fellow creators by posting below.


Thank you guys god bless you and your family


Wow nice timing, I’ve just finished mine :wink:

This scene is supposed to be used for another personal project but while I was working on it I suddenly thought! Hey, Why not!

I hope you will like it as much as I’ve enjoyed doing it!

And I’ve also just released a full breakdown of it :

Merry Christmas to everyone!


Less Gooo :wink:

Ha! I was just about to comment about how nice this is… but having moved beyond 20 seconds now I will say, instead, that it is well-made. Good stuff!

Hey, thanks!

Haha for sure, do not stay on your first 20 seconds impression :wink:
Wanna do something different than the usual Christmas card where everything is nice, warm and pretty.
Maybe I’ve been a bit too far on the other side ^^, that’s what is good! Contrast :partying_face:

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Haha yes well mission accomplished, I think most people’s Christmas will have contrasted very strongly. We can feel cheerful about that! :grin:

Jokes aside it’s a very high-quality render, really enjoyable to watch.

Thank you! :pray:

Feel free to have a look at the breakdown if you want to know more about the process :wink:


This was awesome, I love your take!

Haha thank you! :pray:
Feel free to share it with your colleagues :partying_face:

And if you want to see more :point_down:
Have a great day!