Wrap text in child widget


I have main widget scrollbox and child widget with text. Child widgets are added into main but if text in child widget is long, then it is not wrapped to next line (instead can be displayed horizontal scrollbar to see whole text but I dont want that). How to solve it?

Child widget and text that should be wrapped:

Scroll box, all child widgets should be inside and scroll them vertically:


In the first pic, in the details panel, there should be another tab dedicated to wrapping only. It has its own Auto Wrap Text tickbox. You may need to scroll down a bit, just below Performance tab.

i have this UI that displays active quest on my HUD. it is a scroll box and lines of text are added to it based on how many objectives the quest has. but i cant figure out a way to wrap the text in the scroll even tho wrap text option is ticked on the second text block in the text widget(UI_ActiveQuestEntry).

if i use only 1 text box in UI_ActiveQuestEntry then it wraps. but if i add 2 text blocks, it doesnt.

this website didnt allow me to add more than 1 image cause im new so im adding imgur link here also.

Could you demonstrate the undesired behaviour in more detail? If I:

It seems to work out of the, ehm, box. But I reckon you may have more factors to account for.

  • how are you adding the text? dynamically, right?
  • are you constructing native text blocks or push user widgets into the scroll box?

yes, im adding user widget in the scroll box

here are the images with a bit more detail