Wraith Studios 3D Artist Recuitment and Announcement

Warm welcomes and friendly smiles here from Wraith Studios, we hope to recruit great 3d modelers like you. Currently Wraith Studios is a new studio headquartered in New York and are working on the Storm Felt our new game. The idea of the game is to revolutionize how gameplay works in the industry, with some of the most advanced AI to the deep depths of the story; it’s purpose to immerse the player in all styles of gameplay from rts to sandbox as well as fps and rpg. The advanced and adapting AI and city formulation as well as political systems are built as well as the story. However the Storm Felt Project lacks one thing, 3d artists and animators which is why we need people like you, who can work and help us create a masterpiece, and if you think 3D modeling is not for you we will still respond to any questions you have on this form, however we ask that you keep silence at least until the closed Alpha is available. Lastly if you are the type of person that thinks out of the box and has the slightest bit of OCD you’ll fit right in with us and will be paid in shares of what the game makes allowing the artists to get paid high wages as high revenue for Wraith Studios is expected. Thank you for your time and have a blessed day.

PS: If you would like to discuss the game further or payment please feel free to reach out to me and the Studio.

Kartar Singh
Director of management, Wraith studios
Game Dev
Brooklyn, NY