[WP] AVM - Ark Vehicles Mod - New Vehicles - New items


Hello good night !
Today I present the future mod AVM: Ark vehicles mod,
a mod that allows all players ark to have his own car simply,
the mod will offer different vehicles trucks, cars, 4x4, it adds new things and new build new items

Proceed vehicle creation

-) Craft item in the fabricator build garage
-) The vehicle that craft
-) the vehicle that fits in the player’s inventory
-) Completed

Garage vehicle build, new Model 3D effect + Animation made no attention to quality is a fast video:







I look for modder who know the dev kit I’m just helping me in model graphics 3d I miss a developer: / contact me via private message or skype:
Good night ! sorry for my english I’m french: /

UP !! Hey! pending update DevKit I finished the build craft vehicle that can build the vehicles at home! : P for players! small preview:

The first glimpse of the models of vehicles for tomorrow! : P

This looks promising!

UP !
I change the style 3d add sound and light with an animation :stuck_out_tongue: I post a video up tonight you’re the picture :

/!\ To go faster I always look for modder to help me: P contact me: P /!\

Quick little video available on youtube! made no attention to the quality xD

Here are the first vehicle model the difference between the two Hunter buggy example and AVM (':

The buggy looks since. but it looks like it got a bit much polys.
Whats the poly count on your buggy?