So, throughout the years I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of assets from the marketplace. However, after being forced into using Windows 10 I have only experienced horrible instability and frustration with the OS. Finally, windows just refused to boot it isn’t hardware because everything works just fine in my Linux partition. Now, after resetting the system it did it again, this time it can’t even reset. Bare with me, In every case except games and game development I don’t care, I can do everything in Linux as that is my main OS anyway.

I built UE4 in Linux and I will not be returning to windows for whatever reason. I am done with that substandard OS. But, this is what I didn’t know and it is really alarming.

The launcher does not run or install on Linux (which I knew) this is fine, I couldn’t care less about the launcher. It is on par with Windows 10 anyway, and getting worse with each update in terms of speed and getting in the way of my productivity. However now, I was shocked to see that downloads are directly targeted to the launcher on the marketplace website. Because there is no true download link on the ue4 marketplace website, I have no access to the assets that I have purchased. I have purchased a great deal since 2010. This is starting to seem like I have been seriously ripped off. There has been a great deal of talk about this throughout the years, and even Altar tried and failed to make a working Linux Marketplace download launcher.

Anyway, this scummy issue is easily solved by just providing a real download link for Linux users. I have no idea why it isn’t already implemented. Accepting money for something and not providing to all your users with a glib excuses is just shameful. I trust this is not your intention and you finally make this right. I am not the only person who has complained about this. But, it is more than a technical issue, it is a customer service and criminal issue.

Mac and Windows are not the only OS’s in the worldspace and Linux is actually the most used OS in the world.