Wow... Where to start? Brand new to game creation.

Hi there.
I’m a software developer by trade, but I’m brand new to game creation and game coding.
I’ve programmed in C++ earlier, but the last years I’ve used C# for the most part.

I subscribed to UE to try to get going with some basic game creation, but it’s not exactly easy to know where to start. :confused:

Does anybody know of some REALLY basic tutorials about game creation (hopefully with UE) that explains the basic concepts of “Actors” and all the other jargon that I keep hearing?
The ones that is linked from the starting screen of UE seems to require more than a passing familiarity with basic concepts.
I’m literally starting from SCRATCH.

This might be a hopeless question, but I’ll ask it nevertheless…

Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

I would say the best resource for learning UE is the video series they created for us on Youtube:

Start will the ones that are Introduction to Blueprints, materials, particles, but the first one should be Introduction to UE4, goes over everything you need to know.

There are hundreds of community made tutorials as well available from the link posted above in the Community section. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

This is the first part you should watch:

I’ve started watching the Blueprint tutorials from your YouTube link now, and I guess that it will be easier for me to translate this into code once I get more familiar with the different events and stuff that happens when “playing” a game.
This will be a great opportunity for me to brush up on my C++ coding skills as well. I have Visual Studio 2013 installed as I use it everyday for work.

I like the new licensing system that UE uses now. The fact that you don’t have to keep subscribing to use the editor offline is really nice. Kinda takes away the pressure… :wink:

Yup start with blueprints, at least until you feel that you know philosophy of unreal classes etc. Then i would say make plugin for anything you like/need.
And welcome to unreal addicts meetings.

I would also recommend you to directly set a goal (e.g a small game) -> this will speed up the learning process. During that you will have questions which you can answer with the documentation/tutorials or just post them into the forum and we will help you :slight_smile: