WoW to UE4

I just started working with UE4 last week and now I have the idea of taking my character from WoW and running it through UE4 to see how different it would look graphically. However, I am at a loss for how to do this. There isn’t much on youtube that I have found so I figured I would ask here and see if anyone has any suggestions.

I doubt you could extract wow 3d models… I’ve done it with the new Doom game tho via a file explorer mod. Check if such thing exist. But you’ll probably only be able to get the non-textured 3d models. Don’t expect to export your character with all it’s gear and stuff lol.

You would need to reverse engineer whatever file format WoW uses for the 3D model, animations and textures and then recompile them into a format UE4 understands, such as FBX or OBj (for static objects).

It can certainly be done, but reverse engineering binary files can be very tedious and time consuming and you would need a good understanding of the target format so you know what you’re looking for.

Try googling for WoW file formats, I’m sure someone somewhere has tried this before.

Just a reminder:
You can do it only for your personal learning project that you never share.

This topic is already on edge, I am not sure if links to programs that can extract models are allowed to be posted.
But there are applications for WOW that can extract almost all (at least its old versions), just google it.
For eg, i got nice murlocks in my phone.

There used to be an d3d program that could take a snapshot dump of the raw onscreen geometry, from that you could extract your actual 3d character mesh.

Not sure what it was called just remember I used it once on wow myself to mess around with… Unless it was all a dream, not sure now :smiley: