WoW style 3rd person.

I have been looking around for a while on how I could modify the 3rd person blueprint to support a WoW style mouse input. I had difficulty finding something so I decided I might give it a go making something.

This is my first blueprint, so it might be a little messy (or something in it might be bad or wrong). Any feedback welcome.

I modified the MyCharacter blueprint to be like these. (Both images). Please note the Character Jump block is still the same as the 3rd person blueprint, I also removed the touch and gamepad input as it wouldn’t fit the style I was going for.

The issues I have with it at the moment are:

  • Rotating the camera and walking forward doesn’t try to rotate the camera back behind the player.
  • When the above happens, and you turn left/right, the camera jumps to the current view direction. Not quite WoW like.