Wow Only shitliker Facebook connection????? I think you have spend to Mark Zuckerberg right?

Hello everyone,

wow why are you doing with shitliker Facebook. Sorry I am very hostile. I am really mad now because you have to hurt my development. Thank you for hurting! Now I leave it. I am very scared to Facebook. Whatever you say. I am very stubborn to Facebook connection.

Because I really am mad to your bad customization with Unreal Engine. I thought you are never connecting to Facebook. Since I have already used Unreal Engine 4.12 Now it happens with fucking Facebook? I didn’t get big upgrade of Epic Launcher wow. I can not believe that you have to send many money to Mark Zuckerberg right? I think you are same liars.

Thank you for scamming me! I never develop with Unreal Engine now. I remove Unreal Engine now. I hate you because you are always still Shitlikers of Facebook. And bye now.


Facebook does bad to poor world. I don’t allow that. Please remove completed my account. I will listen that. And bye now! I am really unhappy because your promise of Unreal Engine but it looks grfeat engine but I force again Facebook because Facebook = dangerous hackers and Mark Zuckerberg sucks many stolen money - I know now. Since December 2017 I know he has 40 billions Dollars now 80 bollions Dollars That is liar - I know you have spent to Facebook becasue you have connected with Unreal Engine with Facebook.

I never pay Unreal Engine version.

Bye nowwwwwwwwww!