WoW landscape ?

I’ve been playing WoW recently and have come to like the size of the maps. My question is, roughly what settings should I be working with, scale / quads etc. ?

WoW’s landscape is something like 60x60km + some instanced zones, unreal engine’s WC i think handles 20x20, a lot more with world position offset (I have no experience with it though so can’t comment). Funny thing is, they say the Kite Demo was 100x100 but it still feels like 20x20 when I had it open in editor, so maybe its a scale thing.

So if I was going to do this with a plain landscape (I wouldn’t want to create a large landscape using the editors tools) I’d use 63x63 2x2 32x32 as a safe bet, if you need more detail in your terrains 127x127 1x1 32x32, you could try the later and tweak LOD’s since 1x1 is a bit extreme.

If you were wanting to replicate the biomes/zones into single landscape levels (not open-world) Id use the 1x1 config I gave you but tbh, I’d keep to these dimensions, even when using WC