Wow just found out about PUB.....

Just found out about the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and it being made in Unreal Engine 4. Wow this game has grossed 100 million on steam since March of this year and it’s still Early Access.

Could this be the most successful indie game made in UE4 of all time?

How could such an unoriginal idea for a game have become so successful? I am not being envious, just really inspired by that team of developers. They truly cleaned up. Good for them! :smiley:

It’s not really an indie game, at least in the typical small indie team sense. The developer Bluehole already made TERA and Devilian, and the PUG team was 40+ people.

It’s the best Battle Royal Survival game out right now, even though it’s still pretty rough.

DayZ vs PUB… Some clues / hints here maybe…

Nice read, thanks franktech. They might be 40 people working on this, but technically i feel it could have been pull of by 5. The biggest difference is that they merely worked on it for less than a year before putting it out.
The game is also widly popular is Asia and numbers skyrocket pretty easily there. But it’s qutie a world phenomenon, top streamers are Russian/Asian/American on twitch

oh wow sound so great!
Thank you so much for sharing this interesting information.

Pretty good game but far from finished.

But it’s made with 90% stock/marketplace assets :slight_smile:

“it’s a way into the industry if you’re lucky, and I want to take some of the luck out”

The luck of the Irish…:stuck_out_tongue: His own story is pretty interesting…