WoW in Unreal Engine 4?

I wonder what the game we know and love would look like if the graphics of every zone, character, item, and so on were on such a high level of detail.

You think it’s time for WoW to jump to Unreal Engine, or should it stay as i

WoW can stay right where it is, thought I wouldn’t mind Blizz making a new mmo in UE4. Perhaps World of Starcraft?

Yes. I agree 100%. WOW needs to die off. Only reason its still around is that its literally the only MMORPG out.
They killed that game real quick lol.

Anyways - yeah, WOW needs to stay in the 1990s format it is in. World of Starcraft would be cool.

I hope i never see this happen :smiley: i really dislike WoW