Wow 5 pages of this love me ****

Logged on this morning like I always do and all I see is five pages of this love, marriage junk. Is there something we can do about this? There has been a couple of posts about this topic but every morning they show up again. Can anyone suggest how we get rid of this. I know it’s difficult to do but there must be a way. Thanks Epic.

I see all of them have the tel nr. +91- *** in the thread title, maybe epic can put a filter to look for that and block it ??

Am sure Epic is aware and are working on an Anti-Spam system. :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

We are acutely aware of this spammer and we are doing what we can to remove them. Please bear with us while we get them under control. Thank you!

It’s pretty annoying that I have limited access to the i-net atm -> normally I always delete them in the morning (Austrian time):stuck_out_tongue:

Spammer returned this morning:) His really insistent :slight_smile:

I saw him the other day using 3 different accounts at the same time, what I don’t get is if your running a scam using this love/marriage/black magic…ect stuff why would you post it on a game dev forum (its not the only place he posts, I googled one of the numbers and he posts everywhere), makes no sense to me:p

It isn’t supposed to make sense - to you at least. It’s out for things like credit card information, personal identification, computer backdoors/trojans/viruses etc. - the things organised crime gangs can use.

What seems to work the best for keeping out the majority of spammers is website-specific questions in the sign up process. Captcha’s without a doubt do not work anymore so there’s no point bothering with them. For example I have a forum on my website that I’m not using at the moment and I used to get heaps of spam and then i set up a heap of questions that would randomly be chosen from, for example something like “What colour is the red dress?” or “what is 1 plus one?” or “what forum is this?”. They’re all really simple but it’s difficult for a bot to do them. I haven’t got a single spam message since I set all of this up and it’s a lot less effort haha.

no one on a game dev forum would be dumb enough to fall for it but he still keeps trying:D

I was about to post a thread about this very problem. :slight_smile:

Glad that Epic knows about the issue :slight_smile:

I noticed today that the UT forum started getting it and the posts had the [Prototype] prefix on them, it took them i think 4 days since the forums split to tailor the bot specifically for that forum…they are certainly putting some effort in when you see how widepread it is by googling the keywords…what i found amusing was that in amongst all the results was the website for the gold medal black magic specialist himself complete with testomonials from satisfied customers and contact details to procure his services…i guess its a denial of service attempt maybe they hit any forum linked to a company with billing details…there must be alot of people trying to stop them now though