Would you please improve your documentation website I might beg

I even wonder how people learn to use Unreal Engine. If people cannot learn to use your software. Then they will not be teaching people how to use the features that you put so much work into providing. Most of the documentation is functionally at the level of bare minimal. If you need people to do this work then I would help for just a little more than understanding how things work. I love Unreal Engine and the fact that it uses C++ which is the best language for me to work with.

I would agree that the C++ documentation is fairly bare bones. If you’re a beginner, you’ll be doing a lot of googling for code examples. It’d be nice if the C++ docs provided the following:

  1. code examples
  2. more explanations, or at least links to further explanations, as to what the class and method is intended to be used for

The unreal engine c++ API docs is quite simply rubbish, very often they cant even be bothered to describe function parameters, and you have very complex functions that are described in one sentence.

Its an insult to refer to Unreal c++ API as documentation, cause its not documented , if you dont want to waste your time refer the source code