Would you like to create a Movement Component for some reason?

Hello. As the title says. Everyone has some reason
Unique without using Character Movement (CM)
Would you like to create a Movement Component?

I wasn’t satisfied with the built-in Character Movement, so I succeeded in creating my own Movement Component.

Even if you search on the Internet, most of Unity and Godot implement their own movement processing, and you can not find it in Unreal.

If anyone has created their own move process in Unreal, please let us know.

By the way, the Movement Component I created is a physics-based Movement Component.
In UE4, it behaves as expected, but in UE5, there is a problem at present.

Probably because the physics engine switched from PhysX to Chaos Physics.

I would say that you can do a large part of own movement with the built-in system by using the custom movement state including replucation etc.

Learning to understand the source code is imho better than some deprecated documentation.

Yes, I’ve seen the engine source code little by little, but I’ve come to understand it.

I don’t know what about some deprecated documentation …

Currently, replication has not been implemented yet, so we will implement it soon. I need to classify …

The current problem is that Constraints doesn’t work in UE5 and unexpected rotation occurs.

Yes, with Chaos you need to use the new Chaos constraint types, not the old PhysX constraint types.

really? Do you have Chaos Constraints?
Currently, this Movement Component (Plugin) was created in UE4.27.

So I don’t know if I can access Chaos Constraints from C ++ in 4.27.
In any case, it seems that UE5 will need to rewrite the code a little.

I don’t understand. First you complain that UE5 doesn’t work, and then you’re talking about developing in UE4.27?

EPIC has been very clear that PhysX is going away, that Chaos is the future, and that anything that uses PhysX will be deprecated and eventually unsupported in UE5.
Works as designed!

You can turn on Chaos in UE4.27 by building with it turned on. (There are plugins to support them shipped by default, but the editor mode isn’t on by default.) If you develop with this in UE4.27, the constraints you set up should transfer over when opening in UE5.

Organize the story. First of all, this Movement Plugin was created in 4.27(Not 4.27 Chaos version).

The created Plugin has Constraints working in 4.27,
Constraints don’t work in UE5.

I understand this behavior because the default physics engine is different between 4.27 and 5.0.

I didn’t know that Chaos Physics could be turned on in 4.27.
So it means turning on Chaos to keep the behavior compatible.

You also need to re-build the physics on top of Chaos, rather than the old Constraints system.
The old physics system is deprecated, and all objects/components/code that uses it, will need to be re-developed. There’s no magic “translation” that automatically happens between the different systems, because they are … different.

If you don’t need 4.27 compatibility, it may be easier to just re-develop them in the 5.0 engine, assuming that’s your main target.

Considering the above, there is no need to think about compatibility with 4.27.

So I will consider creating a new one in 5.0.

However, since 5.0 is currently a preview version, it is not suitable for production development, so I am at a loss.

The decision is very simple, but it does require that you commit to some belief about the world and your needs:

  • If you need to ship a game in the next year, stick with 4.27, and don’t worry about 5.0.
  • If you believe developing your game will take longer than it will take Epic to ship 5.0 final, then re-develop on 5.0, and hope your belief isn’t wrong.

Currently, this Movement Component is being developed as a Plugin, and I want to make it versatile so that it can be used in any project as much as possible.
I would like to move on to redevelopment in UE5.

Yes, I will make my own original Movement Component.

It is a correction. Considering the Level Design Tool that can be used at present, I will continue with UE4.27 as it is.
This problem will eventually be resolved in time.