Would you be interested in old school RPGs in UE4?

I ask because I have been wanting to make an old school style RPG in Unreal Engine 4. When I say old school, I am talking Star Ocean 2, Final Fantasy 7/8, etc… and if so, leave your fav old school rpg name and what kinda battle system you favor.

Old RPGs are the best. I really liked the old Fallout games. Turnbased battle grid style combat with resource management and an incredibly deep comabt system? I’d totally get behind a project like that!

Why create something that has already been done dozens of times? What “hook” do you plan on introducing to differentiate yourself from the other turn-based, resource management, combat-based RPG?

yeah sure . why not ?

Same could be said about near every other game out there. FPS? Got’em. MMORpg? More than enough of em. What makes the Old School style RPG games awesome are their stories and how their battle systems related to those stories. All one would need to make it successful is another captivating story and a solid battle system that brought back some of those old “wow we haven’t seen this in a while, and we miss it” feelings.

Mix some Unreal Engine 4 power behind it and you could do a LOT of stuff.