Would world actors work properly if they were too far away?

I’m developing an open world game.
NPCs spawn in many parts of the world.
And they are not within my sight.
So the game doesn’t load them as models.
But all npc have a task and they have to do it constantly.
Do you think the game calculates NPCs movement, work and event,
even if they are model not loaded?
If not calculates, I’ll have to think of another idea for npc’s.

It really depends on how you code your game but, in general, keep these in mind:

  • Your character’s mesh is always loaded in memory when the character is in that world, but the mesh isn’t being rendered if it’s off-screen or being occluded.
  • With the Character class, by default, all movement is based around the CapsuleComponent and CharacterMovementComponent, and the mesh isn’t involved with motion.

I know this is all true without level streaming, and I’ve never used level streaming… (so if someone knows more on this topic, please speak up)

If you are using level streaming / world partitioning, this stuff probably gets a lot more complicated, and you’ll probably have to-

think of another idea for npc’s

-(at least when they aren’t loaded in the active world)

Hope this helps!