Would Unreal Engine work on a Chromebook?

So i am thinking of getting a chromebook and I’m wondering if Unreal Engine would work? tried searching but found very little about it, would be super if it did due to the fact chromebooks are super cheap mostly!

hard to say without more info, what specs would the chromebook have?

ChromeOS is not compatible. Though with certain systems like the Chromebook Pixel you should be able to install Windows, though performance still wouldn’t be that great because of the lack of a good GPU.

Installing windows kind of defeats the purpose of buying a chromebook.

I wouldn’t ever recommend trying to run the editor in a chromebook, but you could package a game for android and then run the game on the chromebook.

It might if you get Unreal’s Linux edition(I don’t know how.)

Yes, you can install Android APKs on a Chromebook. I do in developer mode on my Chromebook Acer Tab 10 by downloading the APK from Google Drive and installing. There are limits but, for example, the third person blueprint runs fine.