Would UE4 be the right choice for my game

Hey guys I am in the process of designing a game. I am trying to figure out what tools would be best for this project and one of the features that brought me here to ask is actually the blueprint system.

The concept of this game is rather strange think of digital table top rpg along the lines of Neverwinter Nights but way more free form.

The game itself would be a game but also the game master. Telling the story and enforcing the rules. They key here is that user created content would be very important as well. The goal of table tops overall is to tell your own story in the realm of the ruleset.

So a “modder” of the game can bring in assets link together quests etc… to tell a story. A player can then download this plug in and experience a new story by selecting it in the game.

A more advanced creator could even go as far as modifying the rule set and even genre of the game. Say instead of fantasy it is a science fiction adventure.

Would something like this be possible with UE4 or would it be like smashing into a wall at 100 miles per hour?

I was considering building my own entire system from scratch but want to weigh all options first.

Any questions or clerifications ask away.

Yes, I think UE4 would work pretty well for that.

That’s actually a pretty good idea for a game–if you created modular game elements that someone could put together to create their own scenario and then have it so that people could share them online I think people would like that. You could then either sell content packs or have mod support so that people could make their own.
The challenge would be giving people enough freedom to make the rules and story the way they want while also making it easy for them to use, you would have that challenge no matter what engine you use. As for UE4, Blueprints would be a big help with that, since it’s a very modular system.

This is what I was thinking blueprints are what peaked my interest as frome what I have tinkered with they are easy to grasp even if I had no experience with code like I do they seemed still simple and would make it easier for me to expose features.

As far as I am concerned I am designing for as much freedom as technically possible I would love if they could just overhaul the whole ruleset if they want to put in the effort and testing on their module.

The game would be more turnbased over real time like civ which would help with custom asset creation if they want to make their own less animation work be it 2d or 3d have not decided.

But yep that is the idea the true gamers game so to speak.

Good to hear that this could be done though might take lots of work to make a real time engine work off turns in theory it should work.