Would UE4 be suitable for a college student and 1 man army game design?

well I tried UE4 and worked ok I got like 30 to 64 FPS in the Cave demo. Res set to 720P

I wont lie even on lowest graphics this thing looks incredible. Some amazing lighting etc so I think I will like to use UE4 as it seems to be working on my HD 4870 video card in dx 10 mode and still manages to look close to DX 11.

My only concern is would it be possible to get away with a 1 man development team with UE4? atleast for a really good school project and possibly make very small money of a game? even if its a really small game to be sold for I dunno $3?

This Engine looks ssooooooo much better than Unity Free.

But I am not sure with my Intel Pentium G 3220 haswell dual core CPU, 6GB DDR 3 ram and Radeon HD 4870 512MB I am not sure if this would be suitable of developing games with UE4? Thus far I can run the default basic blueprint FPS butter smooth LOL not sure if that counts as anything and I can also run UE4 Cave demo at Medium graphics ad 720p HD

I am about to start my Bsc in Computer Engineering tomorrow and I have seen some students create video game for their projects in Unity and would love to show off UE4 and create a game like cave demo but a FPS

You guys think I can do it alone?

I would also like to point out that I am from the Caribbean so there aren’t any video game development companies down here so work on this would have to be by myself to sell online or freelance work or something. My primary focus of the degree is to get a secured day Job in most likely business application programming or as a university lecturer. This game design would be a pet project and a possibility of creating a game studio locally later on.

But the UE4 is gorgeous, that cave demo is stunning. I would love to devote my time and effort into creating a game with this as my final year project when the time comes. Because I see others create their games using Unity FREE. And unity free looks pretty ummm poor graphically compared to UE4 its night and day difference.

I am going to just “ASSUME” I am on the right track since I read someone on this forum has claimed that UE4 is much easier to use for beginners and indie devs etc than UDK

So just because its a AAA engine I should not be intimidated by it right?

These are really questions you have to answer yourself. There are FPS examples to start with.
Making a FPS is a lot of work for one person.
You will have to give it a try and see how feasible it is for yourself really.

Hi thank you for your response. Would you suggest UE4 or Unity 3D for someone new like me?

And would you suggest something other than a FPS that would be easier for 1 person? if so what genre of game would you suggest?

thank you

Hey man, anything is possible as long as you are ready and willing to commit, but i might suggest getting a cpu upgrade, any intel i5 will work fine, and for gpu it should be fine for the time being but u might want to consider an upgrade in the future. I am running this on an laptop running i5 4200U, 8gb ram with intel hd 4400, and i started a one man fps project, mad really good progress but as my levels got bigger, the engine began to stress my system till it crash, but a 1 man project is totally doable, right now i am about to get a new laptop currently unreal engine 4 is to heavy for my pc now :frowning: , and i will be resuming my one man project very soon.

This was my one man project a sci fi shooter, i bought the assets from unity store export from unity then uploaded to ue 4. Then assembled the level to my floor plans and design. Not sure i will be continuing this thou, I want to try my hands trees, water, and rocks so might put this on pause to go make a beach environment for an rpg game. Oh i am not a modeler, lol this level i started just to learn ue 4, so from my first time working in the engine this what i did. So i am positive you can do it. UE 4 is easiest game dev engine to learn.

Put as long you dedicate yourself you can pull off a one man FPS project for sure.

I would say go with Unreal engine 4, i got the hand of this in a few day unlike unity which took me weeks (I think it took so long as unity never interest me as much unreal technology and i worked in udk before)

And you can try to make a 2d side scroller is a good start.

thank you so very much for kind words of encouragement :smiley:

Its exactly what I need right now!!! And I am happy to gear UE4 is easiest to learn because even guys on Unity forums have told me that UE4 is easier to learn then Unity and heck UE4 is vastly easier than UDK since UE4 uses C++

I have 3 years to learn all my calculus and build my game for school project but I am determined to do this because I have never been so dedicated in my life!!! once my work is going good and I realize I need a new CPU and or GPU I will invest in one. :slight_smile:

3 YEARS!!! You got more than enough time to push out a top notch game in unreal or even 2 or 3 games or more, I say I5 because the 2 cores does give much room for ue 4 to process. As for my stuff, yes its my build in gpu that’s the issue, reason i breaking the bones in my back to get a new system by next week or in the next 2 week, I want to learn level designing, and want to start building towards my next project which is an MMO RPG… a Big under take but for now i building it level by level and i have a friend who will take these levels and build mini games out of them for profit ;). But i just want to master level design right now. And if i build enough of my MMO levels over the course of the next 4 months, i can always require or go crowdfunding as i will have a ton of work to show off, but my goal for next 4 month is to refine my level design skills, and build atleast a tropical beach, and a nice forest scene.

But we both can do this. I will probably start my new thread once i get my pc, right now building block out for beach in low res setting on my pc… so its not photo rdy, as the engine crash if i go above low settings right now.

haha yeah this is what I was thinking. Plus our first year in this Bsc in Computer Engineering we only have to do 2 semesters and we get 1 semester off which I intend to use to push out a game in UE4. lol

I will be sure to post up a thread with updates here. I noticed the guys on unity forums are saying that Epic is trying to put Unity out of business and are using dirty tricks to do it by selling their Engine for $20 they say epic is only doing this to shut them down and to get kids to waste $20 also LOL

What they did not realize is the features in lighting effects etc missing in unity free is the real deal breaker. No one wants a game looking like 1998 anymore unless we are talking something like minecraft or terraria but those are unique games. Unity pro looks good but the free version is horrid.

BTW whats this talk I am hearing about UE4 using blueprints means people can make games without the need to know how to program? I hope this isn’t the case because my professor at school will not be pleased that I am using a engine which allows game creation without the use of programming.

He wants me to use C++ in my projects.

Please explain this blueprint thingy to me some more. I hope its not a case of no programming etc else how will I show that I have implemented my knowledge of C++ and calculus into game design?

Well my professor mostly wants me to showcase computer science and engineering knowledge the actual ability to program regardless of the language. He will not be pleased if I am going to use an Engine where programming is not involved. But then is UE4 blueprint really like that? it sounds like science fiction is there something I am missing?

Hey WalkingDead,

You did ask on the Unity3D forums - You are not the first person to get that sort of response from the Unity3D folks.
I have gotten some pretty nasty responses from people on the Unity3D forums. I wont go into details.

My advice -
Learn C++ and OOP (Object Oriented Programming) that will help you out more that you know.

With Unreal Engine 4 -
Making custom blueprint nodes
Making Plugins
Custom game logic
the list goes on.

In regards to learning - Join a non-Modification team when you feel that you have sufficient amount of knowledge in C++.

You will be able to find an artist at later point. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Unreal 4 Community.

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thank you very much HeadClot for the warm welcome and very helpful advice.

Yeah I met some really strange folks over at Unity forums, I found they kept giving me wrong information and passing it off as the genuine truth. The truth is unity engine is nowhere as amazing for indie devs and hobbyist and students like Unreal Engine 4. UE4 is a true gift so to speak I see no reason to use Unity none whatsoever. Those guys claim that Epic stole the ideas of Unity and thats the only reason UE4 is so good. lol

I will put in as much effort as I can into C++. I am only now starting off class starts tomorrow but I am on a mission to learn and become successful at this. I did some more research on the blueprints and it does seem like its indeed something I can use somehow in my projects. I am required to learn lots of C++ so I will do just that, blueprints seem strange they do look interesting. I think I can link computer science knowledge to it because I do see it has variables and stuff just like normal programming.

Not sure why people say anyone can build games with it without any programming knowledge or any form of computer science.

LOL ah relax, Epic build the engine with many things in mind, for ppl like me who don’t understand or can’t do programming, i can use blueprints to script/program my game. That doesn’t mean you have to. If you professor requires c++ just do it, but blueprint is the new kismet if you used UDK before, and you could make a game in kismet.

Developers have 2 options, get a c++ programmer to work on codes for games or they can just spend they time building the game system in blueprint, there is no banner that says you have to make your game in blueprint. In all of epic engine they give us many way to go about making our games.

I can see where ppl believe Epic is trying to run unity out of business, but that not true to me, even with UDK many ppl still developed game in it, it not like unreal technology is new to us, its been here a while, and beside unity is beaten by so much engines… Cry engine beat unity to, but Epic has always been making engines that are easy to pick up, udk wasn’t difficult for artists, only the programming side was frustrating at times.

Years ago when u heard of indie games u think of poorly build stuff with one or two good hits, now indies have a chance to compete with AAA titles.

A perfect example is :

Now what you think this would look like in unity? LOL Unity has out lived its time, and until the engine step up to next gen it has nothing much to offer anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

Long live unity!!!

For mobile games its ideal as ue 4 still not up to mobile standards :stuck_out_tongue: (no one rip my head off for this statement please)

Now when ppl hear the word indie they will think of awesome stunning AAA style titles. Which is what everyone want to make lol. we all dream of making that big AAA title. Epic is just helping us to reach that dream.

And you can build custom blueprint nodes in c++ to achieve specific gameplay, material or basically any function in game, So you got a long list of stuff you can do with c++ your professor shouldn’t be to worried.

And i imagine you will be making lots of plugins.

aah thanks for clearing that up for me :smiley: hee hee

This pretty much sums it all up. I am glad I took the plunge which was not much to begin with and went UE4.

I was being lied to on unity forums about their game. The free unity engine is horrid looking and uninspiring and they kept feeding me lies about how much better it was than UE4 and then resorted to claiming Epic is fooling people and there has to be a hidden catch in all of this.

Its when they started to be fanboys and lie on Epic I realized then and there that Unity was a true waste of my time. Then they come up with some ridiculous story about how 5% is a LOT of money I was like what? are you kidding me? then a guy said 5 percent of 1 billion dollars is a LOT of money

I was like wtf if I made a billion dollars which will be thanks to epic anyways then I would gladly give 5 percent hell I would even give epic about 10 percent out of generosity.

man those guys over there no reasoning with them at all, the jealously is amazing.

One guy said it correct 5 percent of a billion is charity to the company who made it possible and for the 70% of everyone else hobbyist etc who won’t even publish a real game well 5% of $0 is $0

Epic is under paid for this. But who cares really, they going out of they way to help us out, so forget the bag of talk and just do what you have to. Best time is we have the all the support and help we need right here in the community. Let the outsiders talk

U see this, this is the future of indie, 4 months well spent, this my goal for end of 4 months to have a AAA quality video off my levels. But anyway Looking forward to your thread. Remember to build a design plan and not just jump into making a game :stuck_out_tongue: sit and spend time laying out your plans and thinking through stuff :P… It helps speed up work flow over working in the moment.

aah thanks for the advice on laying out a plan you are right. I hope to be showing my progress here aswell.

I am also going to do some learning up on 3ds max or something because I would need a modeling software.