Would .uassets work when i update by unreal engine from 4.1.1 to 4.2 or beyond.

I have basic blueprints and models with textures and materials. I want to know if it would if i upgrade the ending, i did hear unreal is trying to streamline that process so i was just wondering if it would work out for me; if this is already posted sorry xD.

I am update my proyect without problems

Normally you shouldn’t get any problems when you update your project. I think when you open the project, a window should pop up and there you can update your project (otherwise you could do a right click onto your .uproject file and there you can choose the engine version)

I’ve opened several projects in 4.2 that were made/downloaded with 4.1. It asks if you want to upgrade them in place, or open a copy of them. Mostly, they convert and work fine… the only issues I’ve had were ones that use code, it sometimes doesn’t compile with VS properly.

The only thing I’ve not gotten working as of yet is the full Unreal Tournament 4.1 in 4.2, but I gave up after about 10 minutes… it’s complaining about a DLL that the shooter complained about, but moving that DLL doesn’t help Tournament like it helped the shooter, so I stopped looking (it was 2am and I needed to get to bed :smiley: ).

I’m going to try and get back into it tonight, but “generally speaking”, upgrading them is fairly painless. Though, I suggest making a lower version copy until you get it loaded/working in the higher level system… once the conversion successfully completes, they say you can’t open the project again in the lower version (and if it requires a source code compile, once the compile breaks it’s no longer valid for any editor).

Hi Azamkhan,

Your assets should be fine. If, however, you do run into some problems when upgrading, please feel free to post on the answerhub at so we can further assist you.

thanks everyone, it really helped :slight_smile: sry for the late reply