Would this game take a long time to make?

Hello there!

So I’m mainly working on a java based 2D game, for the last 11 months actually, and it’s my first game. However, before I started, my original idea was something else.
I wanted a small map, about the size of one in Counter-Strike: Source, and then a first person shooter. However, a really really simple first person shooter.
No special animations (except for sneak and sprint, maybe reload too.), not too many weapons, maybe like 3 or 4. I also wanted it to be multiplayer.
However, this is would be a side project. I’ve fiddled around with UE4 this past week to get an idea of it, and at first I thought “It can’t be that hard to make that simple a game in UE4, can it?”.
But I’ve come to realize that it isn’t as easy as I hoped it to be. Or maybe I’m just not seeing it, so I was wondering:
If you make a first person shooter with 4 weapons, no lobby, no special gamemodes, just deathmatch, how long time would that take?
I want to see my original idea for my 2D game, made, just for fun so I hoped it to be rather easy. Then I’d maybe play it with my friends every now and then.

Thanks in advance! =)

TYhat’s one of the most straightforward type of projects to do so it really shouldn’t take too long. Definitely less than a year, it really depends on how much you put into the graphics.

It’s definitely a doable project. As far as time to complete, that really depends on your current skill set vs. what you need to learn and how many hours a week you can spend on it. Also how you plan the project out etc.

Completing a game takes a lot more than any one who hasn’t realizes. Then it’s exponential when you are Indie and doing it on the side with a tiny team or maybe even just yourself.