Would this computer be strong enough for Unreal?


the desktop I have is not strong enough to make the game I want to make so I want to see if this one is strong enough so I don’t waste my money on something that’s isn’t

it looks strong but I know very little about computer processors and stuff and what’s good and what’s


I dev in UE4 on a laptop with 16 gb of ram and a GTX 970m, but even then it’s hitching when I open up my more complicated projects. Definitely has a hard time opening up Epic’s AAA example projects like Kite Demo; which has a long project open time (5 minutes +), and that scene chugs my laptop to a halt. Beyond that, however, performs just fine. You’ll definitely be keeping your scenes small either spatially or graphically.

I recommend to have at least 16 gb ram or you’ll have a hard time running creative applications in tandem (in most cases, I have UE4, blender or 3ds max, photoshop, and substance painter all running at once (in this case it’s just ue4 and chrome :slight_smile: )). It’s absolutely paramount you can have at least 2 programs running or you’re really choking your dev time; if you’re just starting out, you’ll burn out on learning too.

Ue4 tends to eat ~2 gigs of ram when the editor is idle in a simple scene. It ups to ~3 gb when in play mode and scripts are running SO if you can’t afford more than 8 gb ram, then you’re probably safe.

That system would struggle greatly to work with UE4, both the CPU and the GPU are very low-end

what about this one?

That one would be fine, it’s not a top end system but it’s a good mid-range one

Sorry man, I got one more. Same as the other one, weaker or stronger? It has 6 core instead of 8 core (whatever that means)

The first one, the FX 6300, is obsolete. You can work on it, but you will have a bad time. Old processor.

The second (Ryzen 2700 + RX 580) and third one (i7 8700 + GTX 1060) are great, and both have SSD + a good HDD (2tb on one computer and 1tb on the another one), and also 16GB of RAM. However, the Ryzen computer come with a RX 580 8GB Vram version, the i7 come with and GTX 1060, with 3gb Vram version. I would buy the second computer because of that, the amount of video card RAM on that RX 580 is more than on that GTX 1060.

If money isn’t a problem, you can consider to buy at least an RTX 2060 or an RTX 2070, because you will be able to work with Ray Tracing.

  1. If you don’t want to work with Ray Tracing, the Ryzen 2700 + RX 580 8gb version + 16gb RAM + 240gb SSD + 2TB HDD computer of your second post will be really great.

  2. If you** want** to work with Ray Tracing, an Ryzen 2700 (or i7 8700) + RTX 2060, or 2070 + 16gb RAM + 240gb SSD + 2TB HDD will be good.

I agree with Odenir conclusions. That GTX 1060 doesn’t worth because of low VRAM compared with RX 580. The 8700 is still a bit more expensive when compared with Ryzen 2700 and also the 2700 has more cores which is always good.