Would this be possible, and if so would anyone be interested in making it?

Hey everyone, my name is Robin, I have had thoughts of making something really cool and fun, I’m not fully aware if this thing already exists and if it is, please tell me! :slight_smile:

So, what is it? Well a lot of people LOVE zombies, either you play DayZ, L4D, COD survival or any other cool Zombie game that satisfy your need from a zombie game. But what I always wanted in my game is Zombies that just simply wont die.
I want to be able to shoot the legs, arms, body parts from the enemy, which in this case is zombies. I mean just look at the movies, they cut zombies in half with axes and they still keep coming towards you.

So what I’m wondering is, would it be possible to do this in UE4?
I have done some sketch and thoughts of how the hit box could interact with the model it self. Now i just need someone who actually knows stuff about this engine(I don’t know anything, trying to but I’m slow at learning)
I’ll post a new sketch later today, so you can understand more fluent what I’m trying to say here!

And of course, sorry for my bad English, really tried my best here.

So… like Left 4 Dead + Dead Space? Dead Space zombs are pretty tough to kill, even if you chop off their limbs. Sounds pretty cool!

Yeah I would like it to be, if you shoot the zombies legs of the would fall down and start to crawl at you. And if you shoot on arm of it will start to use one arm untill its just a body and the head left. Which would not even move just lay there doing sounds sort of haha!

ala Return of the Living Dead

I’m actually a little burned out on Zombies, but, its always FUN to blow limbs off monsters who relentlessly keep trying to eat you. Yes, it could be done in UE4. My question is what are you going to do with all the left over parts?

Open a halloween decoration store :rolleyes:

I was thinking of having them just laying around on the floor/ground.

Obviously you need to make it so that the player can pick up a Zombie’s arm and beat him with it!

It’s very possible with Unreal Engine 4, In fact I’m currently writing a free book that’ll hopefully teach you how to do all of this. If you want, I can add a chapter which touches on what you’d need to do to get your started?

I would love to!
I added you on skype! I hope it was okey :slight_smile:
Sorry for such a delay for an answer!

What about making the cut off legs and arms also crawl to you and attac kyou. Would be doable. Jsut spawn an softbody after you cut off something, and when it hits the ground, destroy it, spawning a skeletal mesh actor, which then starts crawling to you.

Totally agree… Here is my vision of how a zombie game should look: [And if epics forums weren’t having fits I’d attach it, but I can’t atm]
(which I am currently trying to get this look now… already have 44 different zoms…)

Go here to see my zombie game vision…

Haha we are thinking of making so cut of arms will crawl for abit. Maybe. Also the technique you are talking about is the one I was thinking should be the easiest to work with. :slight_smile: