Would pay good money for a tutorial on creating an fps or third person from scratch

I have gone through the tutorials, but there is so much not covered. I got the basics, created a door way that collapses on the user if they don’t move fast enough and that is about as far as I have gotten with doing anything on my own. I still can’t figure out in third person how to assign a gun or build something so the player can pick up and look at an item. Shoot even going through the examples is to much of a pain because there is no good explanation of why these blueprints require all these little nodes or a way that I can find of seeing the set values of variable created.

What I would like to see from a tutorial and what I am willing to pay money for

  1. Blueprinting an fps or 3rd person from start to finish, rigging a camera, moving characters
  2. Attaching items to the player then rotating between items, replacing the blue guy with my own character
  3. Setting up custom collisions with enemies, tracking score, lives, what not
  4. enemies and enemy ai

I know many of you will thinking just read the documentation … I don’t have time to trial and error my way through this, I need someone to hold my hand for the first part, I work 50 hours plus a week. I just want someone who really knows blueprinting to dummy proof this for me, I think if someone can really do an amazing tutorial for blue printing covering these things then picking up the rest would be a cinch.

Maybe try this:

Thank you my good sir, this is more than I found previously. You are a gentleman and a scholar.