Would not be able to install unreal

hi there, our company use the secure internet so I’m in trouble for installing Unreal. regarding this point that we should be online all the time for using unreal engine I would like to know how can we install unreal and use it with this sort of internet. because when i run the epic launcher i could’t even connect to the unreal to download and install it. we need this software but before purchasing the license we need to test some of our projects with the trial version but we couldn’t even download it.is there any way to fix this issue? thank you in advance for helping me :slight_smile:

First unreal engine is free to use, you dont need to buy any licence . you will only pay royalities when you ship your game that earn more than 5000 eu per quarter.

You can download the source engine at your home, and then copy it to your machine and work and recompile it , very simple.