Would Love Some Input!

I’m not sure where I should post this so I figured General Discussion might be appropriate. If this should be located elsewhere, I apologize in advance.

So I’ve recently began to have an interest in the rise of anime styled games being made in Unreal Engine 4 (namely ArcSys games ie; Guilty Gear -XRd- and Dragon Ball FighterZ). I’m amazed at the quality that UE4 can output in terms of anime styled art. I’m obviously not looking to create something as in depth as ArcSys though I’d love to put that kind of work into a title after getting the hang of the system. I’ve already looked into tutorials on how to create characters from a source and I’m pretty excited to start getting into the development of my own characters but I thought maybe a great way to start would be to examine how character models that have already been made for myself if that makes sense. What I’m wondering is if there may be some decent anime style character models available for free that I can study and learn from before starting my own character? I just want to be able to look at a finished (or at least close) sample and try to understand what I should expect of something further down the road. I tend to learn better this way in the long run.

So in short, would anyone happen to know of some really good example models that I can use as a learning tool? My end goal is to end up creating a 3D model of my own design from a roster of characters I’ve already created.

Thanks in advance for any and all recommendations!

I think some of those do more than just some shading and an anime style model, like I would suspect that with Dragon Ball FighterZ they do some specific shading adjustments to make it look more like the show than just relying on shaders to do it automatically

Yeah, they apparently went pixel deep on creating their style. I’d love to go down that rabbit hole if I had the time but I’m just more interested in at least getting a good clean looking anime style ya know?

Somewhat similar to this in terms of quality:

I’ve also thought about going through these tutorials possibly:

I’d also like to add that this didn’t go through at first I redid this whole thing only to find that it DID go through so now I’m probably going to have another post come up about the same thing only more detailed.

@DeathOfChaos yooo, did you ever find anything that could help you? I’m also interested in learning how to create similar styled models as FighterZ.