Would love some advice about making a Moo2 Clone

So, I’ve decided that since I have a couple ideas for games, and that UE4 is installed and free on my computer… I’d like to ask for some advice.

I’m wanting to create something akin to Master of Orion 2. I probably need to use some C++ or Unrealscript probly, but here goes.

How would i create the menus and GUI like the one seen in Master of Orion 2? I’m pretty new to the editor but know my way around basic level tools and have a bunch of pictures I’ve made for graphics and junk.

By this I mean, what tools? I’m by all means willing to learn any and all, I just would like a place to get started. Feel free to also PM me if you wish to.

In advance, I’m really sorry if this is in the wrong place, or if someone’s somehow asked this.

Also for those who don’t know Master of Orion 2, it’s basically the pioneering game for those like Galactic Civilizations, Sins of a Solar Empire, and mostly Endless Space. Basically a strategy game set on a galactic scale similar to Civ, only you can design your ships however you like with some restrictions ofcourse.

I’ve wanted to do something like this for a mad-huge amount of time, but UE3 was… a tad confusing and didn’t have as many easily-accessible tutorials that UE4 does. So any and all help will result in me loving you figuratively :smiley:

Ofcourse there’s the whole “okay, what do i sue to make everything else?” But I assume I can make probably 80% of the game with Blueprints, right?
Is there actually somewhere that defines what every blueprint type does? :slight_smile:

The very extent of my knowledge is BSP brushes and placing actors is a 3D environment using the UT editor.

Literally everything aesthetic is easier than getting a 4x system itself designed. Enjoy long hours of math.

There are numerous ways you can put the aesthetics together, but especially when it comes to creating your game UI you are not going to have a user friendly experience if you start with the UI and work backwards. Rather you need to detail your systems and design a UI that is intuitive and user friendly with the systems you have available.

Ahhh, alrighty, either way, I know what to start with. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve probably played more MOO2 than any other game. I’m talking thousands of hours. :slight_smile:

You can make 100% of the game with Blueprints. (Except for the assets. :slight_smile: )

It sounds like what you want is an API. I don’t think there is one that is a pure list of objects and methods, in the way a Java or C++ dev understands it, but the documentation on this site is pretty close.

Some of your challenges are similar to my own.

I would recommend focusing on your map first. The board that everything operates on(whether tile based or not). Work on that piece by piece. Get the map online, then add in systems as they make sense.

Hahaha, thanks so much! Yeah, I’m a similar way with the game. I’ve always been rather garbage at strategy games, even if they’re always my favorite since I was 9, I’ve played Moo2 atleast 700 hours or so. I figured I could make almost everything if not everything via Blueprints, since they cover anything from HUDs to items and interactable objects.

Again, thanks so much guys! :smiley:

Also Will do Zeustiak :slight_smile:

Also yeah, Basically… Gonna design it to be as close to master of orion 2 minus a bunch of content, but mechanically, will be about the same, so I’ll probly need to figure something out for the board, probly do it on a grid, but I do indeed have quite a challenge honestly.
Kinda don’t know what blueprints would work with creating the main screen yet though, but that’s what guides are for :slight_smile: