Would like some advice on talking NPC's

I have a mob of NPCs that play random audio cus when triggered by a player, the problem is that the audio gets pretty annoying when you have a mob of them following you.

Iv attached an outside sound cue actor to cast to an array to choose from the available sound cues. I was wondering how could I limit the active sound cues that are going through so only 1 NPC is chosen to play audio.

Should my trigger sphere get all other triggers in the area and set a blocked variable? Iv tried this and it seems each trigger blocks another trigger so no audio is playing.

Just a thought,

how about you poll on a timer the triggering spheres, add them to an array; if the length is higher than one then you pick a random one in the array, or if the length is one you play that one cue. Reset the timer when there is no sound playing and no triggers active.

I’m running into problems due to the fact that I have many actors triggering at the same time to poll.