Would like lock the editor detail overwriting when using blueprints. How?

I’m new to Unreal Engine, so just tell me if I’m doing something wrong and I’ll try my best to fix things.

Now, I was following some blueprint tutorials and for some reason no matter what I changed in the blueprints, nothing really changed. It wasn’t until I found out that I could change the same things in the editor details (Look at the pictures in attachment for what I mean by ‘editor detail changing’ and ‘blueprint detail changing’).

My question is;
Is it a bug?
A feature?
Am I missing the point, or can I lock the editor from overwriting the blueprint editing?
If I can lock the ‘editor detail’ overwriting, where and how do I do so?

The blueprint details is for the blueprint in general, the editor details is if you want to modify individual instances of that blueprint.

Oooooohh, I get it. So when I mess it up, I just re-insert the blueprint to the scene.
This is rather neat when I finally understand why it behaves like this.
Thank you, Jamendxman3.