Would it be possible to make the FPS Game by Unreal on the marketplace with Blueprint

I noticed that the game is written with C++, and I was just wondering if that game has something in it that would have been limited by Blueprints only?

Also, how do you spawn a bot?


When you start a new project there are templates for every game type using both C++ and Blueprint presented in the browser.

Which does not answer the question.

My gut instinct says yes, though there may be some calls not available to blueprints. Are you looking to rewrite it, or hoping Epic will release a Blueprints version?

The template in your browser that says ‘FPS Blueprints’ IS the blueprints version of that game as I understand it.

NO, it isnt. The FPS Template and ShooterGame fps example game are completely different things. the FPS template is the one with blueprint version, and its just for a fps camera with a projectile, does nothing else. while ShooterGame is a full game with bots, multiplayer, and gamemodes

I didn’t say the FPS Shooter game. When you start UE4 (not the browser but the actual engine) you are given a choice - either you can open a pre-existing game, like the Shooter Example. Or you can switch to a different tab, at the top of the interface, which allows you to create a new game (you can also get here by choosing ‘New Project’ or ‘New Level’). In the list of new game types there are templates for C++ games and Blueprint versions of those C++ games. It literally says FPS C++ or FPS BLUEPRINT - both of those are the same game done 2 different ways.

What he meant was that he wiuld love to see a blueprint only version of the shooter game example (with bots, network, etc.), since the fps template does not have much more than basic movement and the fps camera.

From my POV, it should be possible to do, though with BP only, it will be a bit overwhelming.


It’s not overwhelming at all. For instance, the RTS/Tower Defense example has spawning enemies, Copy that code for your bad guys. The only real difference is the position of the player camera. You might have to go through ALL the levels of ALL the sample projects but I’ll bet there’s an example for everything you need right there. It was a while before I realized that myself but there are like 20 levels in the ‘Content Examples’ project alone and each one has a ton of useful info on stuff like character animation, blueprints - there’s even a level that just explains the math used in Blueprints.