Would it be possible to get an updated version of Google Resonance in 4.22?


In today’s GDC live stream I believe Aaron McLeran mentioned that they updated all the spatial audio plugins (I might be wrong). I just installed the latest preview of 4.22 and Google Resonance is still the old version 1.0. I checked the source on GitHub and there’s no updates either. Google has released newer versions and they have a fork of Unreal Engine based on 4.19 but I can’t really build the whole engine each time I need an up to date plugin (I’ve done that before but I can’t afford anymore the time it takes to pull the whole source, merge Google’s code and build). The latest version of Resonance has some improvements including near field effect. It would be great if this can get some love for 4.22.


I’m hoping that’s gonna happen soon too! Been trying to find a way to contact them to no avail, seems the last update to unreal was done about a year ago…

I have merged the resonanace to 4.22 but There is a problem. if I don’t move, the sound oculusion by moving object is not working.

4.23 will revamp Resonance Plugin.